Technical Certificate Stage
Technical Certificate Stage Courses aredesigned to acquaint the basic principles of subject and to inculcate into him the theory of the subject and ability of practical application of these subject in day to day office working in order to enable him to choose a lucrative working career as Typist, Stenographer Office secretary, Account , Clerk, Accounts Asst., Audit Assistant and Bank Assistant etc.
Vocational Certificate Examinations
vocational certificate courses conducted by the association have been devised after through research in the requirements and job opportunities existing in the present day developing economy commerce and industry of the country . There course are vocation oriented and act as initial induction and stepping stones for students desiring to enter specific vocations.
Vocational Advanced Certificate Course
The vocational Advanced course are special course designed to cater to the growing needs of the economy and industry of the country. The course incorporated under this scheme are of a nature as to demand professional skill and expertise from the persons engaged in practice thereof. Vast opportunities of employment are available in the country for skilled jobs.
Courses Conducted
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Systems and Methods of Teaching Training and Examinations
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Examinations of the Association
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Systems and Methods of Teaching Training and Examinations

Candidates desiring to study the Association courses under private study scheme can seek registration with the association or with the honorary authorized official representative. Minimum registration conditions are prescribed and after satisfying the some candidates are registered as student –Members of the association and are Expected to undergo courses of studies independently on their own by private arrangements. Syllabus of examinations , list of books recommended for studies and such other related education material is provided to the student-members who are expected to take the association examination Centers established by the association in proximity of their places of residence under the supervision and invigilation associations examination superintendent at such Centers.

The syllabus of examination is subject of regular revision by the syllabus committee of the association and takes into account the day to day changes and improvements in the schemes and methods of coaching and training , The new innovations and latest developments in the field of Commerce and Commercial Studies are incorporated. Besides being academic-based, the Systems of Education also take into consideration the working conditions and job requirements.

Attempts are made to expose the students in practical working problems and develop the analytical and reasoning faculties of the mind to enable the students to make independent judgement and find proper workable solutions of day-to-day problems. A healthy compromise is affected between theoretical study and practical working. Case law studies and practical problems are encouraged as methods and system of coaching besides the academic studies prescribed.

Recognized Colleges and Training Centers Constituted by the Association.

Association has constituted a large number of Colleges and Training Centers is various States and principal cities of the country. These colleges are autonomous bodies having submitted to the directional control of the Association and its authorities and consented to be constituents of the Association and conform to strict standards of education and training prescribed by the Association. Some of these colleges are also conducting Postal Coaching and Correspondences Lessons for the Courses, A number of these Colleges have Hostel facilities and Library and Sport arrangements, Practical Training is provided by these colleges within the college premises or by arrangement with other concerns whereby a student is initiated to actual working conditions as required by the Courses. A list of these Training Center and college appears in Appendix ‘b’ Candidates can join any of these colleges, conform to their Rules & Regulation, pay of the required tuition and other fees to the college and undergo regular Courses of Studies as bonafied Student of the College and Training Centers for Courses of the Association.

Students Facilities in Colleges and Training Centers

The Constituted Colleges and Training Centers have mostly their own Campuses and coaching facilities. Highly qualified Lectures and trained Teachers impart Education to Students, Besides Class Room Studies, arrangements for practical working training’s are also available within the colleges Campuses as also under arrangement with other business and industrial concerns in close proximity.

Hostel accommodation is available with a number of colleges with ;in the colleges campus
or in nearby area, Boarding & lodging is provided for students and payment of nominal

Library facilities are available for Student within the College Campuses Sports & games
facilities are available.

The Association recommends for providing of all the above mentioned facilities within the
College Campus. However, some Colleges and Training Center have made external arrangements to provide for these facilities. Such Colleges not having these facilities presently are encouraged to provide for the same.

Separate arrangements for Girls and Boys are available, Colleges hold regular group discussions and Seminars for exchange of idea among the students as also the Authorities in various fields of Professions and Education are invited to give educative lectures to students.

Most of the College and Training Centers have Students Unions who assist in the existence of healthy and cordial relations between the management and the Students,

Honorary Authorized Official Representatives:

Fellow Members of the A.I.C.A., interested in the spread of commerce Education have been appointed as honorary Authorized official representative by the association in all states and principal cities within the country and country and also invarious countries abroad to attend to supervise, regulate and to promote the functions of the Association in these states, cities, regions or countries. The Honorary authorized official representatives are appointed or nominated or constituted by the Wkg. Syndicate of the A.I.C.A. and are members of the senate with right to advise or recommend on the General day to day and academic functioning of the association. The names and addresses and of such representatives appear in Appendix’C’ students desiring to pursue the courses are advised to contact representative in their region and to seek details of Enrollment, coaching, studies and examinations from such representatives. Such students may submit their applications completed in all respects as per rules of the association to such representative. The applications of the candidates must, however, be completed in all respects including the registration and other fees due when submitting to the representative who will in turn, forward the same to the association together with recommendations for registration.

Correspondence courses

The Association is not conducting, any coaching whether personal or through correspondence directly. Coaching is conducted through the recognized colleges and training Centers constituted by it at the college campuses. Some of the recognized colleges provide for the courses through correspondence.

Candidates can Enroll directly with such constituent colleges and training Centers or, after
registration with the Honorary authorized official representative or directly with the association and can contact these Centers and undergo correspondence courses therein.

Candidates registered under private study scheme can be referred to such college and training Centers for correspondence courses.

The tuition fee are prescribed by the college and training Centers in their respective schedule of fees and are payable by the students directly to the Center in addition to the fees paid to the association. After Enrollment under various study schemes and admission to the college the student will receive regular courses of studies and lectures whether by personnel class-room studies studies or through correspondence for the particular course and receive all guidance from the said Center with respect of studies, education practical training and examinations. The Center will also assist the students in procurement of books for study in addition to providing them with courses of studies and lessons.

Examination of the Association

The Association conducts four sessional examinations for certificate and diploma course.
Details are provided elsewhere in the calendar.

Examination Centers:

The association has its examination Centers in all-principal states and cities of country and in various other countries of the World. The Principal of Recognized the constituent colleges and training Centers and the Honorary Authorized official representatives in respective countries act as examination superintendent and or examination Invigiatiors. The Association Examination are held under strict examination conditions in accordance with the
programme ( time table and date sheet) of examination declared by the Association.

Strict adherence to the programme of examinations is prescribed and candidates are required to take the examinations under the supervision and invigilation of the examination superintendent . The candidates can take the examination at any to the examination Centers in the nearest proximity of the place of residence. In such places, where the Association does not hold recognized examination Centers, special examination Center are established with local F.I.C.A members or eminent persons as examination superintendents.

Session of examination:

The Association conducts four sessions of examinations: being winter session examination held in the months of January – February: spring examination held in April-may ; Summer session examination held in July-August’; Autumn session examination held in October-November; each year.

Examinations Results :

Examination results are declared on the dates of declaration of results published by the Association. The extracts of results gazette are notified to the coaching colleges, examination Centers and to the Honorary Authorized official representative. The Certificates of successful candidates are forwarded thereto. Candidates qualifying the diploma examinations receive their provisional certificates and detailed marks-sheet at the time of declaration of results.

The results gazette is published in the commercial journal an official of the association published each month.

The convocation and diploma award ceremony is held by the Association once a year usually in the month of December each year. In order to facilitate the students to received their degrees in person, The Association recommends conduct of a particular region convocation wherein constituent colleges and training Centers of a particular region can join to hold the regional convocation of the Association under its authority and diplomas awarded to the qualified candidates in the convocation in person or in absentia ( through post) The diploma certificates are forwarded to the candidates after conduct of the convocation.

The A.I.C.A. Membership Compulsory :

The Association was founded in the year 1934 with the object of providing and regulating commerce education and to ensure impart of coaching & training in the various disciplines of commerce to the students and thereby to regulate the studies of commerce. As per rules it is compulsory for all students Enrollling with the Association to Enroll as members of The A.I.C.A as a pre-requisite for their entrance to the association examinations. The Schedule of fees prescribed by the Association includes the Annual Subscriptions of the respective category of membership of the Association. Certificates are forwarded to the candidates on
confirmation of membership by the association.

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