Technical Certificate Stage
Technical Certificate Stage Courses aredesigned to acquaint the basic principles of subject and to inculcate into him the theory of the subject and ability of practical application of these subject in day to day office working in order to enable him to choose a lucrative working career as Typist, Stenographer Office secretary, Account , Clerk, Accounts Asst., Audit Assistant and Bank Assistant etc.
Vocational Certificate Examinations
vocational certificate courses conducted by the association have been devised after through research in the requirements and job opportunities existing in the present day developing economy commerce and industry of the country . There course are vocation oriented and act as initial induction and stepping stones for students desiring to enter specific vocations.
Vocational Advanced Certificate Course
The vocational Advanced course are special course designed to cater to the growing needs of the economy and industry of the country. The course incorporated under this scheme are of a nature as to demand professional skill and expertise from the persons engaged in practice thereof. Vast opportunities of employment are available in the country for skilled jobs.
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Examinations of the Association
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Membership of The A - I. C. A.
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Procedure of Enrollment

All persons desiring to Enrolll as Members in any of the categories of Membership stated here above, shall submit their applications on the prescribed Application form furnish the relevant particulars asked for by the Membership Committee and remit the prescribed subscriptions as per Appendix “I” in addition to the prescribed Registration & Enrollment Fees etc. stated therein.


The Head of College and Institution seeking recognition by or being recognized constituted by the Association as Official Training & Examination Centers shall Enrolll as Fellow of The A.I.C.A.

Procedure for Enrollment for Bonafide students:

Candidates desiring to study and Enroll for association courses may write directly to the association or may contact any of the recognized and constituted colleges of the association and seek details of Enrollment and eligibility conditions prescribed for entrance to the courses as stated in appendix “k” . the principal of such college shall satisfy with respect of the eligibility of the admission of a candidate to a particular course in accordance with the eligibility conditions prescribed as provided in Appendix “k” and shall require the candidate to submit all original certificates and testimonials in support of the respective course and be directed to undergo the regular course of studies prescribed by the association in accordance with the CURRICULUM of studies of course and examinations prescribed. The CURRICULUM of studies is notified in Appendix “ L” . The candidate shall Enroll with the said college remit the prescribed admission and tuition fees directly to the college in

A accordance with the college schedule of fees prescribed by the college and undergo regular course of studies by way of personal class room teaching or correspondence course, as the case may be for the time period prescribed in the CURRICULUM of studies “Appendix “L”.

(i)It shall be the sole responsibility to the college to ensure that only such candidates are Enrollled for a course who fulfil the minimum eligibility conditions for entrance to the course examination as prescribed in Appendix “K” . The college has the responsibility to provide regular courses of teaching to students in accordance with the syllabus of respective courses and to ensure that the complete CURRICULUM of studies prescribed for the respective course in Appendix ‘L’ is fully followed by the candidate. In event of default in attendance or conformity to disciplinary requirements of college or non-remittance of college fees due as per college tuition fee schedule , the college is entitled to with-hold further coaching and to reject the candidature of such defaulting student. Only students (a) possessing the minimum eligibility conditions for entrance to the course (b) having undergone prescribed course of studies and attended minimum number of 75% of lectures (c) having paid association examination fees & subscription as per schedule in college (d) having paid college tuition and other fees in full to the college(e) having paid association examination fees & subscription as per schedule in full to the college will be certified by the college and forwarded with total fees payable to the association.

(ii) In event of an examination Enrollment form being forwarded by a college to the association with respect of a candidates not qualifying the conditions prescribed hereabove, the Association will have a right to reject the candidature of such student.
(iii) In event of a candidate having procured wrongful Enrollment to the association examination in contravention of the provisions of the rules in general, the association has a right to reject the candidature of such student at any time such discrepancy or mistake or international misconduct or mis-representation whether on the part of the student
or the college is noticed and the association is hereby expressly absolved of any responsibility or liability in such event.
(iv) In event of a student having wrongly sought admissions to the college by his own misrepresentation, or got Enrollment to examination by such wrongful act, intentional or otherwise or having qualified the examinations and having obtained the certificate of having qualified the examinations from the association by such act’s the association has a
right to (a) cancel the examination of such student, if held (b) cancel the results of such students of declared (c) with hold or withdraw the certificate,Diploma if any issued (d) take such legal measures both civil and criminal against such student and / or against such college forwarding the candidature. In such event such student will have no claims whatsoever against the Association which is expressly absolved of any liability, both civil and criminal, in such event.

Procedure for Enrollment under private study scheme :

Candidate desiring to Enroll under private study scheme of the association will submit their application on the prescribed application form directly to the association together with the certificates & testimonials in support of the qualifications claimed. Such candidate shall remit together with the application the prescribed fees and subscriptions in addition to the extra fees being charges from private candidates as per the schedule of fees prescribed by the association and notified to the candidates. The Association authorities will satisfy themselves regarding eligibility of a candidate for a particular course in accordance with the minimum eligibility conditions prescribed as provided in appendix “K” and subject to the satisfaction issue student fellowship or membership certificates and eligibility certificate tosuch student . The syllabus of a particular examination together with the list of books recommended for study and such other related material assisting the study preparation of examinations shall be provided by the association to the student. The student shall study on his own and make private arrangement for his coaching instructions and study and after completion of one academic year of such registration with the association Enroll himself for the association examination with the association Enroll for the association examinations
under private scheme and shall appear for the examination in any of the association duly established examination Center.

After completion of the course of studies in a recognized and constituted college as a bonafide student or after one academic session of registration under private study scheme the candidates may Enroll for the examinations.

(i) Applications for Enrollment to the association examinations shall be called for by the association and must be submitted on the prescribed form with examination fees and registration fees and subscriptions etc., as provided in Appendix “H”.
(ii) Bonafide students of college undergoing courses of studies in colleges shall submit the course completion certificate form the college as printed on the examination / Enrollment / enrty form.
(iii) Candidate under private study scheme shall submit the character certificate from the principal of a school or college or an educationist of repute or a gazetted Officer to the Government or a professional consultant being advocate or a chartered accountants as printed on the examination Enrollment / enrty form.
(iv) The total examination fees and subscription are payable at the time of submission of entries.
(v) Overseas candidates are required to pay double the fees and subscriptions as prescribed;

Examinations conduct :

The examination shall be conducted in accordance with the examination programme ( time table and date-sheet) of examinations notified by the Association.

Strict adherence to the examinations programme is directed failing which the examination held in contravention thereof are likely to be cancelled and the candidates appearing therein declared failed. Accordingly, it is , entirely in the interest of the student examinees as also the examinations superintendent to ensure due follow up of the examination programme, Time table & Date-sheet during the conduct of examinations. The students Roll No. tickets and examination hall tickets shall be forwarded to the superintendent of examinations of respective Centers of examinations together with the examination pepers individual sealed packets for each subject paper examinations.

Examination conduct rules to be followed:

The Examination conduct rules provided inAppendix “D” must be adhered to and followed strictly and any contravention found therein is likely to result in the cancellation of examination thus held and the candidates appearing in such Centers in contravention of the rules are likely to be declared failed. Due and proper follow up of the examination conduct rules and examination instructions is entirely in the interests of the students and must be insisted upon and adhered tostrictly by the students as also by the superintendent and Invigilators of examinations.

(i) The paper and safe custody of the examination papers before the examinations and of the solved examination papers and of forwarding of the solved examination papers of the association in accordance with the prescribed procedure is the legal responsibility of examinations superintendent. All concerned are referred to Appendix “D” in this connection.
(ii) The Examination solved papers and answer sheets must be forwarded to the association for evaluation by the board of examiners in the prescribed manner.

The results are declared in strict accordance with the examiners advice received with respect of the evaluation of the examination papers. Examination papers evaluated in strict accordance with the set procedures and precedents notified to the board of examiners.

Declaration of Results :

The results of particular sessional examination are declared on the dates of declaration of results as notified in the examination notice issued and are duly gazetted in the succeeding issue of the commercial journal an official organ of the association.

(i) Relevant extract of the results gazette are forwarded to the coaching college and examination Centers and provisional certificates and mark-sheets forwarded to such colleges or Centers for onward transmission to the students.
(ii) Results of such candidates or such colleges in default with respect of examination fees or otherwise are liable to detained in the event of default as per rules as provided in colleges conduct rules appendix “G”.

Qualifying percentage :

Candidate must secure 40% marks in aggregate in order to qualify a particular examination of the association.

(i) Compartment class is provided to such candidates who have failed toattain the qualifying marks owning to deficiency in the maximum of two papers and permission is granted to such candidates to re-appear in such papers only and qualifying the examination in the next succeeding session.
(ii) Candidates qualifying the examination with 40 to 49.9 marks are declared to have qualified the Association examination in third Division.
(iii) Candidates qualifying the examination with 50 to 59.9 % marks and declared to have qualified in second division.
(iv) Candidates qualifying the examination with 60 to 74.9% marks are declared to have qualified in first division.
(v) Candidates qualifying the examination with 75 % and above are declared to have qualified the examination in first division on passed with distinction.

Abstention from examination:
A candidate abstaining from the examinations must notify the association at leas 72 hours before the time of commencement of examinations and in such event the candidature of the student is carried forward to the next succeeding examination and he/she is allowed to take the examination therein without having to remit any additional fees.

(i) In the event of a candidate abstaining from the examination without intimation as prescribed the candidate shall be treated to have abstained from the examination and hence failed and the fees by such candidate forfeited by the association.Scrutiny of examination papers:

Re-evaluation of examination papers is not allowed owning to the fact that the association has on its board of examiners very highly qualified and well placed educationists who have complete knowledge of standards, norms and attainments expected of a candidate studying for the course and the results are declared after due scrutiny of the evaluation of the papers by the association.
(i) Re-evaluation of examination papers is, however, allowed subject to the candidate applying therefor and remitting the prescribed re scrutiny fee to the association.
(ii) Under no circumstances are the examination papers put forward before the student or any of his representatives owning to the fact that these solved examination papers form the confidential documents and stay as such for two years.
(iii) Results of re-scrutiny are notified to the candidate. Where found necessary results are revised by the Association.

Duplicate Certificate :

Duplicate Certificates in lieu of the Original Certificates claimed to have been lost or disfigured are issued by the Association subject to the applicant submitting proof of loss and undertaking to reimburse the Association in the event of the Original Certificate being put to any improper use and further, undertaking to return to duplicate Certificate in the event of original being restored at a later date.

i)The application for issue of duplicate certificate must be accompanied by the prescribed fee for the issue of duplicate certificate in each case in addition to the Search Fee applicable in view of the time duration.

Provisional Certificate :

Provisional Certificate of having qualified as Examination is issue to the candidate at the time of declaration of result.

l)The Provisional Certificate is valid till and including the date of Convocation when the Diploma is awarded to the qualified candidate.

Convocation of the Association

Convocation or Certificate Award Ceremony of the Association is held once in every year usually in the month of December, each y ear and candidates having qualified the Diploma Examinations during the previsions four Sessions of Examinations are awarded the Diploma in the Convocation of the Association from the particular region.

ii) Regional Convocations are conducted in order to facilitate the Student-recipients in receiving their Diploma in person and candidates are required to approach the Principals of the Colleges with respect of details in the connection.
iii)The Convocation of the Association are held in strict academic atmosphere as per Convocation Conduct Rules Prescribed and Agenda of Convocation approved by the Association and notified vide Appendix “N” and Appendix “O”

Academic Costumes in Convocation :

The Convocation of the Association as also the Regional Convocation are conducted in strict academic atmosphere and all Fellow-Members of the A.I.C.A, the Superintendent of Convocation, the authorities of the Association, the Chief Guest to the Convocation and the Receptionist of Diploma are compulsorily required to don and wear the Academic Costumes as per rules for Academic Costumes prescribed in Appendix “P” Diploma are awarded to the candidates in the Convocation and the Certificates forwarded to the receptionist thereafter.

Convocation Fee & Absentia Fees & Subscriptions:

Candidates attending the Convocation are required to remit the Convocation Fees and Subscriptions due till date at the time of Convocation Conduct.

i)Candidates abstaining from the Convocation are required to remit the Absentia Fees and Subscriptions due till date before their respective Diploma, Certificate are forwarded to them by the Association.

The Schedule of Convocation Absentia Fees and Subscriptions due appears in appendix “H”

Educational Promotion Scheme for Colleges:

The Association has instituted an Educational Promotion scheme for college contributing to the cause of Association being spread of commerce Education. All assistance and encouragement’s are afforded to colleges imparting Commerce-Education in terms of Scheme of studies Methods of Coaching and Training prescribed by the Association. Details of the Educational Promotion Scheme for Colleges appear in Schedule III.

Merit Award to Students.

The Association has constituted the Dr. F.C. Soni Merit Awards for meritorious students in each Session of examination to commemnote the memory of the great Educationist and Founder of the Association who served the cause of the A.I.C.A. for more than 30 year.

Meritorious students, who complete the Course of Studies prescribed by the Association at an constituted College and appear for the particular Vocational Course from a College admitting a minimum number of thirty candidates for the particular Vocational courses and attaining the highest percentage of marks in the batch of a minimum of 30 students and passes the examination with a distinction being the minimum of 75% marks in aggregate in the particular Vocational Examination, shamble awarded the dr. F. C. Soni Merit Award being
(a) Special Citation in the succeeding issue of the commercial Journal, (b) Special Certificate of Merit issued to such candidate and (c) a cash Award of Rs. 50/- in order to assist the candidate to pursue further Studies or, entirely at his discretion to set up a self-employment project pursuant to the Vocational training he has attained at the platform of the Association. the amount is a mere taken of appreciation of the Merit and Scholarship of the Student and is aimed at encouraging the Student to set up and engage himself in self employment schemes which is the basic-purpose of Vocational Education.

i)Only Candidates qualifying the Vocational Advanced Courses of the Association are eligible for consideration for grant of the Dr. F. C. Soni merit Award.

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