Technical Certificate Stage
Technical Certificate Stage Courses aredesigned to acquaint the basic principles of subject and to inculcate into him the theory of the subject and ability of practical application of these subject in day to day office working in order to enable him to choose a lucrative working career as Typist, Stenographer Office secretary, Account , Clerk, Accounts Asst., Audit Assistant and Bank Assistant etc.
Vocational Certificate Examinations
vocational certificate courses conducted by the association have been devised after through research in the requirements and job opportunities existing in the present day developing economy commerce and industry of the country . There course are vocation oriented and act as initial induction and stepping stones for students desiring to enter specific vocations.
Vocational Advanced Certificate Course
The vocational Advanced course are special course designed to cater to the growing needs of the economy and industry of the country. The course incorporated under this scheme are of a nature as to demand professional skill and expertise from the persons engaged in practice thereof. Vast opportunities of employment are available in the country for skilled jobs.
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Examinations of the Association

The Association conducts various stage certificate and diploma examinations; details thereof appear elsewhere in the calendar. The regular examinations are held four times a year.

(i)Supplementary examination: The wkg. Syndicate / executive council may, entirely at their discretion, decide to hold supplementary examinations at such times and places for such course and subjects as may be felt necessary, subjects to a minimum 10 number of candidates appearing at a Center for each course for supplementary examinations.
(ii)Additional supplementary examination fees as per the schedule of fees given elsewhere will be charges in such cases.

Examination Centers:

The Association establishes Examination Centers in various cities, districts, states and foreign countries. Candidates are required to take the examinations at such Centers under the supervision of the Examination Superintendent and examination Invigilator so appointed. As a practice constituted colleges having the necessary arrangements are
constituted as Examination Centers of the Association.

i) The candidates can take the Association Examinations in any of the Examination Centers within the proximity of the their places of residence.

Special Centers of Examinations:

(iii)Special Centers of Examinations may be established in such cities or States or countries where the Association does not hold a duly established Examination Center, subject to the Rules & Regulations with respect of establishment Special Examination Centers provided in Appendix “J”

Certificate and Diploma :

The syndicate may confer and grant such certificates, diplomae, Licence, title and marks of Honor in respect of examinations as may be prescribed by the regulations, presently, technical certificates are awarded to qualified candidates in elementary, Inter and advanced stage, Hobby certificates in hobby courses, vocational certificates in vocational courses vocational advanced certificate in vocational advanced group combination subject courses specialization group diploma are awarded to candidates qualifying in academic vocational courses diploma are awarded to candidates qualifying diploma in commerce.

Honorary Membership and exemption from examinations:

The academic council is authorized to recommended the award of an Honorary membership and diploma to any person on the ground that he/she is in their opinion by reason of eminent position, learning and attainments, a fit and proper person to receive such diploma. The Academic council will forward their recommendations to the working syndicate/executive council. The wkg. Syndicate /executive council in their meeting not less than three fourth of the members present in the meeting recommending the award of such diploma in consideration of his/her vast experience learning, position and status, may confirm the recommendation. Hony diploma may be awarded to such persons so recommended without requiring them to undergo any examinations.

The diploma so approved shall be conferred upon such persons in the convocation as per rules.

All Subject Paper Examination to be taken in one sitting :

l) All Subject Paper Examinations in various Course will be taken by the Candidates in one sitting only, Failed Candidates will reappear for all Subject paper Examination Candidates awarded Compartment Class may reappear only in such Subject Paper in which Compartment Class has been awarded. Additional Fees will be payable as per Schedule.

Procedure of Examinations :

The Examinations shall be conducted in accordance with the Examinations Schedule approved and Prescribed for each Session Examinations Schedule. Conformity to the Examination Schedule (Program, Time-Table and Date-Sheet) is an essential requirement of the Examination conduct.

i) The Examination will be conducted in strict accordance (herewith at the Examination Centers established under the supervision and invigilation of the Examination Superintendents and Examination Invigilators to appoint, in strict examination conditions.
ii) Due care shall be taken with respect of time duration and time limitations and dates of examination during examinations conduct Examination held in contravention of Examination Conduct Rules or Procedure may be cancelled and candidates appearing there in be declared failed and other administrative, legal action against the Superintendent of
Examinations follow as deemed fit . The Examinations, Conduct Rules may be referred to in this connection as prescribed in Appendix ‘ D’

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