Technical Certificate Stage
Technical Certificate Stage Courses aredesigned to acquaint the basic principles of subject and to inculcate into him the theory of the subject and ability of practical application of these subject in day to day office working in order to enable him to choose a lucrative working career as Typist, Stenographer Office secretary, Account , Clerk, Accounts Asst., Audit Assistant and Bank Assistant etc.
Vocational Certificate Examinations
vocational certificate courses conducted by the association have been devised after through research in the requirements and job opportunities existing in the present day developing economy commerce and industry of the country . There course are vocation oriented and act as initial induction and stepping stones for students desiring to enter specific vocations.
Vocational Advanced Certificate Course
The vocational Advanced course are special course designed to cater to the growing needs of the economy and industry of the country. The course incorporated under this scheme are of a nature as to demand professional skill and expertise from the persons engaged in practice thereof. Vast opportunities of employment are available in the country for skilled jobs.
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An Educational Organisation under the name and style of THE ALL-INDIA COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION was founded in the Year, 1934 at Lahore by eminent educationists and renowned social figures like Dewan Bahadur Raja Narendra Nath, Rai Bahadur Janaki Das, Prof. P. C. Kalhan, Prof. F. C. Soni and others for the impart of education in commerce and its allied fields. In 1947, by gazette notification, the Association shifted its head-quarters from Lahore to Delhi where it continued its educational activities and programmes.

The Association is duly registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

In the year, 1976, the Association comprising a group of and eminent educationists, professionals and public persons founded the Institute of Business Administration and Management with a view to impart professionalised education and skills in the emerging Disciplines of Business Administration and Management.

In 1979, IBAM was incorporated under Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956 as a Non -Profit Making Body.

In initial stages of foundation, Chairman of the Institute was Mr. Hardayal Hardy, Retd. Chief Justice, Delhi High Court who continued to hold this position till his sad demise. There-after, Mr. S. Rangarajan, Retd. Justice, Delhi High Court took the exalted office and continued for three years. Prof. P. K. Ghosh took over as Chairman of the Institute after Mr. S. Rangarajan J.. Prof. P. K. Ghosh continues as Chairman of the Institute with his colleague Prof. S. S. Gulshan as Vice - Chairman and other highly qualified persons
in this team of dedicated educationists.

Starting with a humble beginning in 1976 with only three Centres and about 75 students, presently the Institute has over 15 Centres in various States and cities including in remote rural and tribal areas and about 1,000 students presently on its rolls pursuing highly beneficial courses of the Institute in such centres. Over 10,000 students have completed the courses of the Institute during its over 35 years of functioning and are presently gainfully employed in various industrial and commercial organisations and public and private enterprises all over the country and abroad as also practising as consultants in various fields of Management and Administration .

Besides others, The IBAM is conducting EXECUTIVE M. B. A. Post-Graduation Diploma Courses, One Year PGDBM and PGDCA Post-Graduation Diploma Courses, etc., etc. in Business Administration and Business Management and Computer Education.

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